If you are using SCCM to create and maintain boot images for your environment, one way of adding drivers to a boot image is via SCCM’s GUI.

You either:
1. Select the boot image, click Properties and add the desired (and already imported) drivers to the boot image.

2. Or you click the imported Drivers repository, select the ones you want to import to your image, right click them, Edit -> Boot image, where you select your desired boot image.


Sometimes it might be more useful to automate this process via Powershell commands/script.

# Mount the .wim image to C:\mount folder (has to exist, has to be empty)
Dism /Mount-Image /ImageFile:C:\temp\boot.wim /MountDir:C:\mount
# Import to the mounted image all drivers from folders and subfolders of C:\DRVS folder
Dism /Image:C:\Mount /Add-Driver /Driver:C:\DRVS /recurse
# Unmount the image
Dism /Unmount-Image /MountDir:C:\mount /Commit 

Now the boot image can be imported to SCCM as a fresh new one, you need to Update the distribution points, if you selected a previous (already existing) source boot image.
It will include all the drivers you set to be imported.
Note that ideally, they need to be prepared as a .inf/.cat etc. files, not executables – these will be skipped. In case of those, you will need to install or extract them first to get to the bare driver files that could be imported.