This could come in handy when copying content of a “Drivers” tab from a SCCM’s boot image to another one – useful for example when versioning boot images.

Open SCCM, and from top left corner, launch Powershell ISE. Here, at the end of the generated file (which by the way connects the Powershell sesssion to you Primary Site) paste following code and launch it.

Function Copy-BootImageDrivers { 
    PARAM ( 
        $from, $to 
    $boot = Get-CMBootImage -ID $to 
    (Get-CMBootImage -Id $from).ReferencedDrivers | ForEach-Object { 
        Write-Verbose "Copying $($_.Id) to $($to)" 
        Set-CMDriver -Id $_.Id -AddBootImagePackage $boot -UpdateDistributionPointsforBootImagePackage $false 
Copy-BootImageDrivers -from "PS10051D" -to "PS10067F" 

The copying should take a minute or two, depending on the Primary site’s performance and amount of copied drivers.