I know it is more than a half way through the year already, so this post might be kind of late already, but I wanted to declare and kind of motivate myself for the remainder of the the year.

Let me start with the fact that I started running again systematically on January this year, after more than 7 years of hiatus. As a office worker, and earlier a student, these last few years I really longed for some kind of regular sport activity and running was a clear option for multiple reasons.

Most obvious one is that I really enjoyed running few years back, and even completed few 5K and 10K races. The times were not great, but c’mon, we are talking about an IT guy here. 😀

Second reason is that I view running as a more complex and most tiring of the sports that I enjoy. It requires basically no special gear or investment. I know that I say this, but already got few expensive pairs of boots, running gear and a GPS fitness watch – which is all handy, but certainly not a requirement.

I also of course enjoy the serotonin that floods your brain after few tens of minutes of run, and I also enjoy the zen that is tied to the running – the calm, meditative state you sometimes get to, especially during longer runs. You stop focusing on external, the running motion itself is fully automated, you do not force it at all and let it just happen by itself.

As I started running more or less regularly from January, there was a need to set certain goals for the year.
For 2019, those would be completing 3x 10K races and be able to run half-marathon during training, at least once, without any pause for a walk.
The races I choose are as follows:

  • T-Mobile Olympics day in Ostrava 10K – finished in 1:02:08
  • Runtour Olomouc 10K – finished in 54:13 (PB)
  • Ostrava City Marathon 10,5K – TBD
  • VŠB Technika Run 10K – TBD
  • F-M Hornická desítka 10K – TBD

It would be great to obtain RunTour Master achievement during next year, but for now that pose a few, mainly logistic, issues. 🙂