I had this problem recently when I was trying to set up silent installation of a package with some other parameters, and the downloaded executable file from vendor was not able to pass the parameters to the .msi installation package that was extracted as soon as you launched the file.

So I had to extract and obtain the .msi file somehow and use that for the installation in the package.
There is really a simple way to do this (I use Sitekiosk Client for Windows installation here just as an example):

  • Download and double click the executable file (you might see it extracts the .msi file somewhere).
  • Wait till it loads the installer:
  • Don’t proceed with the installation, leave it open. Open file explorer (or WIN + R) and go to :

which in reality translates to full path of:

  • Here you can start search for .msi files, most probably it will be in some subfolder of \Temp\ folder:
  • Copy the desired files (just .msi in my case), cancel the installation (the temp files should have vanished) and you are done!